A free, fully functional, 30-day evaluation copy of DesignBuilder is available.  A free account is required.

The four most common DesignBuilder configurations for Australian users are:

Architectural Essentials is DesignBuilder for building designers.  It includes the 3D-Modeller, Visualisation, Simulation and Daylighting.  ‘Simulation’ means EnergyPlus, the calculation engine at the heart of all DesignBuilder packages.  This package is appropriate for analysing building envelope performance, occupant thermal comfort, daylighting and naturally ventilated buildings.

Architectural Plus is Architectural Essentials plus Cost and Optimisation.

Engineering Essentials includes all the modules in Architectural Essentials and adds the Detailed HVAC Interface which provides easy, graphical access to the complex world of EnergyPlus HVAC plant, system and control components.  Also includes the LEED and Cost modules.  This package is appropriate for Section-J JV3 analysis, developing GreenStar Energy Credits and evaluating risk scenarios for a NABERS Commitment Agreement.

Engineering Plus adds Optimisation and Scripting, where Scripting provides a powerful and flexible way of adding custom instructions (for example, to control HVAC, window shading or many other possibilities).

Engineering Pro adds the CFD engine to the Engineering Plus package. The integrated CFD engine can analyse airflow within building spaces and in-between buildings.

Other DesignBuilder configurations are listed in the following table.

NCC 2019 Temperature Range Check and Thermal Comfort Plugin

This plugin for DesignBuilder, developed by DesignBuilder Australia, will help you to quickly and easily perform the thermal comfort and temperature range checks required in NCC 2019 Section J. For more information, click here.